Mom Charged With Horrific Abuse of 6-Year-Old Who Couldn't Count High Enough (VIDEO)

This is a very sad story of how a cycle of child abuse can get perpetuated. A mother has reportedly admitted to pulling her daughter's hair so hard that she yanked her scalp clear off her skull -- and says she didn't think she was doing anything wrong since that is how she was punished as a child. Brittany Ruck, 25, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania allegedly yanked on her 6-year-old daughter's hair so hard that her scalp separated from her skull and caused blood to pool around her eyes. Gruesome!


The little girl reportedly told police that her mother did this because she couldn't count all the way to 12 -- she could only count to 10 because she had 10 fingers. Police say that Ruck admitted to pulling her daughter's hair on multiple occasions and that her "excuse" was that she had her hair pulled as a child and she "is still here."

Wow. Ruck seems to be missing the point completely. Just because a child is "still here" doesn't mean anything. Your bar for parenting has to be quite a bit higher than "my kid is still alive."

It's so heartbreaking and infuriating that Ruck would allegedly perpetrate the same abuse on her child that she herself was subjected to. You would like to think that being abused as a child would mean you would never do the same thing. But sadly, learned behavior is hardwired into the brain, and people often methodically act out the exact same abuse they had to endure. It's illogical but most abusers were abused themselves.

In fact, abusers will often defend their form of abuse in this way, saying, "That's how I grew up! And I'm fine!"

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The girl had to spend several days in the hospital, and when she was released, she went to live with a relative. It's unclear what, if anything, will happen to her two younger siblings.

Let's hope this will stop the cycle of abuse -- either that Ruck will get help and learn how to properly parent or that the little girl will live elsewhere.

Have you had to overcome any child abuse?

Image via Conway Police

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