19-Year-Old Charged With Killing Family Before Spending the Night at a Fancy Hotel

After a housekeeper found the dead bodies of three members of the Oklahoma family she works for on Monday, police didn't have to look long and hard for a suspect. Alan Hruby, the family's 19-year-old son, reportedly confessed to killing his father John Hruby, 50, mother Katherine (Tinker) Hruby, 48, and 17-year-old sister Katherine Hruby. After being cut off from an inheritance he would have received thanks to the family-owned local newspaper, he reportedly said the only thing he could do to ensure he paid off his sizable debts was to murder them all.


Hruby was a freshman attending the University of Oklahoma who got himself into trouble with overspending and reportedly owed a loan shark $3,000. His family apparently cut him off financially, which is understandable given the fact that it sounds like he made a few horrible choices. In order to ensure he was the sole beneficiary of the inheritance, Hruby says he killed his mother, father, and sister last Thursday.

The teen reportedly told police he parked his Jeep, which was a high school graduation present from his parents, a block away from their home in the small community of Duncan. He allegedly entered their house through the back door and shot his mother once in the head and once in the neck using a gun he had stolen from his father.

Katherine, who was washing her car outside at the time, ran into the kitchen when she heard gunshots, according to police, and Hruby shot her in the head. Alan then apparently waited an entire HOUR at the house for his father to come home from his job as the publisher of The Marlow Review. He reportedly shot him once in the neck and once in the head.

If you're wondering what kind of person does something like this, it's apparently the same kind of person who then drove back to his dorm room -- where he kept his cellphone so police wouldn't be able to track him at the family's home -- and then drove to Dallas to catch a football game. He stayed the night at the Ritz-Carlton hotel with at least two friends.

When the housekeeper found their bodies three days later, she called Hruby. Police say he acted "cold" and "callous" while at the family home.

This isn't the teen's first brush with the law. In 2013, Hruby reportedly charged nearly $5,000 to a credit card he set up in his grandmother's name while on a trip to Europe. His father turned him in, and he was ordered to pay restitution and attend a drug and alcohol program.

Hruby has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder. He could spend the rest of his days behind bars -- or even be sentenced to death, according to authorities.

If this teen is found guilty, do you think he deserves the death penalty?


Image via Duncan Police Department

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