9-Year-Old Boy May Have Overdosed on Drugs, Marijuana & Alcohol (VIDEO)

Victor W. Hare IIIChildhood should be a time of fun, playing, learning, and love. NOT a time of drug addiction. Sadly, many children grow up witnessing drug addiction in their own homes. But it's not too often that you hear about a child being addicted to drugs. A 9-year-old boy was reportedly just that. And sadly, as can happen all too often with addicts, he reportedly overdosed. Now the 58-year-old man who was supposed to be watching him when it happened is under arrest.


The Pennsylvania man, Victor W. Hare III, is charged with child endangerment after the 9-year-old boy, who should have been more familiar with video games and tire swings than drugs, apparently overdosed while in his care.

But according to Hare, the boy had a history of using the prescription drug oxycodone as well as alcohol and marijuana. And how?? How would he get a hold of these things??

While staying at the man's home, the boy reportedly got into the man's own stash of drugs and alcohol and went into cardiac arrest. When paramedics arrived, they reportedly found him with blood around his mouth and nose and vomit on the bed.

Sadly, it apparently was his mother who dropped him off with Hare, a family friend, for the evening. Reportedly, his stepbrother was at the home as well.

Police say when the stepbrother discovered the 9-year-old unresponsive, he urged Hare to call 911, but Hare told him to wait.

By the time someone (it's unclear who) did call 911, it was too late.

It is just unfathomable that a boy this young should have been taking so many drugs. Or even one! What was happening here?

And while it's unclear how he got a hold of drugs at Hare's apartment, the boy should have been being watched. How could he have taken oxycodone and drank alcohol if he were?

Hare reportedly has multiple felony convictions and is in jail on bail.

Sounds like this little boy was not having the childhood he should have been having.

The little boy's family, however, apparently says they had no knowledge of any past drug use.


Image via Northumberland County Prison

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