Mom Arrested for Dressing 3 Daughters in White & Stabbing Them for 'Jesus'

A mother in Montgomery, Illinois is accused of trying to kill her three children so that she could send them to meet Jesus Christ. Pamela J. Christensen, is in the midst of a messy divorce from her pastor husband, Vaughn Christensen. She claims that he left her voice messages instructing her that the end of the world was coming and she needed to prepare the children, ages 12, 16, and 19, to meet Jesus.


Christensen allegedly first tried to give the three girls a concoction made of dish washing detergent in order to make them go to sleep, but when they refused to drink it, she allegedly held them at knife point and demanded to know if Jesus Christ was their savior.

She then tried to kill them, stabbing two of them, as well as stabbing herself. Before the attempted killings, she had made the girls dress all in white so that they would be ready to meet Jesus.

Police officers responded to the home after getting two 911 hang-up calls and when they knocked on the door, Christensen reportedly answered, covered in blood. She is reported to have dropped to her knees and confessed to trying to kill her children.

Christensen has been charged with attempted murder. Christensen could be mentally ill, however, it would be up to authorities to look at her history and decide if that is what might have been going here. Whether Christensen truly did not know right from wrong in these horrific moments will be up for a judge or jury to decide.

What a terrifying thing these poor kids had to go through, having their mom allegedly try to stab them to death. All in the name of Jesus, who would never want such a thing.

Luckily, all three children survived and they are now in the care of a family member.


Image via Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

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