Girl Alleges Mom Made Her Eat Cat Litter & Tried to Sew Her Mouth Shut (VIDEO)

A woman is charged with some of the most grotesque child abuse allegations against a child imaginable. The woman, Rana Cooper, has been allegedly abusing her 16-year-old daughter ever since she adopted her when she was 10. According to police, the teen had to earn enough points by cleaning the house in order to eat or use the bathroom. And that is just the tip of the horrific iceberg.


Cooper also allegedly beat the girl with a hairbrush, spit on her, bit her on the nose until she bled, choked her until she passed out, force fed her until she vomited, jammed a Q-tip in her ear so hard she lost partial hearing, made her use her finger to collect grime from around the toilet bowl and then eat it -- and probably most disturbing of all (if that is possible), forcing her to eat dirty cat litter and then trying to sew her mouth shut with a needle. (She allegedly stopped after piercing her lower lip with the needle.)

These allegations are stunningly outrageous and horrific. Cooper and her husband, who live in Avelia, Pennsylania, reportedly adopted the girl when she was 10.

On top of all of this alleged physical abuse, allegedly there was extreme psychological abuse too. Police say that when the girl was finally allowed to eat, she had to shovel food in her mouth before it was taken away from her, and that the mother would tell the girl she was "eating one of her brothers."

But the couple have six other children, and their oldest son, Ronnie, insisted to a reporter who showed up at the home:

Nothing, none of that happened. None of these are true. It will all come out later.

Honestly, for the sake of the child, I would sooner hear that none of it did happen, and that she has psychological issues, than that she actually suffered through all of this.

Police will have to sort out whether these accusations are true or not, meanwhile, the girl is staying with an older brother and at least out of harm's way.


Image via KDKA

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