Baby Allegedly Beaten to Death When Left Alone With Dad for 1st Time (VIDEO)

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of his 1-month-old infant, whom he is also accused of sexually assaulting. Duryea Bennett, 39, is accused of beating his 1-month-old twin daughter to death and sexually abusing her. It was reportedly the first time he'd been left alone with the little girl. Ugh, so horrible.


According to police, Bennett allegedly fractured the infant's skull and ribs. She was rushed to the hospital after a teen in the home called 911 saying the baby wasn't breathing. But it was too late. She also reportedly had bruises consistent with being sexually assaulted. A 1-month-old? How much more tragic can this get??

The father, from Phoenix, Arizona, tried to tell police that the baby was choking on milk from an earlier feeding and that he had to hit her numerous times on the back and stomach to get her to breathe. He also reportedly claimed he bit her to revive her. Obviously, cops were not buying this grotesque story.

Police said that there were seven other children in the home at the time, with Bennett being the only adult there while the baby's mother was at work. It was apparently his first time watching the infant, Natalyah, who was a twin. She was only 35 days old. Only 35 days on this Earth before this horrific thing happened to her.

But the baby's aunt is shocked by the accusations, saying the baby's father was "always loving and caring." He did, however, have three prior felonies to his record.

Even if he did hit the baby because she was choking on milk -- biting her too? This makes little sense!

It's unclear who the other children (except the baby's twin) in the house belonged to. Hopefully, they are all now in a much safer place.



Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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