Mom Arrested for Injecting Her Daughter With Heroin (VIDEO)

This is such a grossly disturbing story. A mother has been accused of getting her own teen daughter hooked on heroin. Patricia Davenport was arrested after a friend of the teen reported the girl's drug use to school officials and then they saw track marks on her arms. Davenport allegedly first introduced her daughter to the drug while in the kitchen of their home.


Over the next six months, Davenport then allegedly drove her daughter, as well as the teen's boyfriend, to seedy areas of Philadelphia to get the drug over 100 times. She would then reportedly inject the teens while they were riding home in the car. Her 8-year-old son was also in the car with them on occasion, and he would reportedly bear witness to everyone falling into a drug stupor. That must have scarred him deeply.

Here you have a mom who is clearly in the grip of a terrible drug habit, and yes, that deserves much sympathy. But why would you work to get your own daughter and another teen hooked on the drug? Surely, the mom must have known in some part of her brain that the drug was going to be the agent of her downfall and that, if anything, she should want to keep her teen clear of it.

Did she want to "bond" with her teen over the drug? Did she want to control the teen with it? Did she just simply not understand how dangerous a drug like this is? Or she did, and didn't care, so long as she had company on her alleged drug binges?

I can see showing your child a drug and saying, "Look how this controls me. Don't let it happen to you!" but not getting the drug for your child and doing it with your child. That is not being a parent. Any parent who does this has failed miserably.

Fortunately, the teen and her younger brother have been placed with relatives, and let's hope the teen can get clean.

Drug users are people in pain and, yes, they deserve some compassion, but it is so hard to feel compassion for someone who would want the same dreary and dangerous life for her child.


Image via CBS Philly

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