Mother & Boyfriend Accused of Killing Disabled Teen Son By Putting Alcohol in IV

A 38-year-old mother from Vermont and her 38-year-old boyfriend have been charged with murdering her 13-year-old disabled son by allegedly putting alcohol in his IV tube.

Isaac Robitille was found dead on August 22 by his mom, Melissa Robitille, who reportedly called police to come to her house. The teen was born with multiple disabilities and he required feeding tubes, IV's and constant care to keep him alive.

It took nearly two months for police to make a final determination about what caused Isaac's death, but after the state medical examiner's office determined the teen's blood alcohol content was 0.146 percent -- which is twice the legal limit for driving -- Melissa and her boyfriend Walter Richter III were handcuffed.


Police believe the couple poured alcohol into Isaac's feeding tube and gave it to him. The official cause of his death was a brain abnormality with alcohol as a contributing cause. 

Robitille and Richter III face charges of second-degree murder. They are reportedly in jail at the Northeast Correctional Complex, but there is no bond or bail information available at this time.

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Unfortunately, at this point, all we can do is guess what the suspects' motivation was in allegedly attempting to poison this little boy. Did the responsibility of caring for him become too much to handle? Was this (in their eyes) a mercy killing? Or was it a selfish act performed by two people who didn't want to deal with this teen's medical conditions any longer?

It's hard to imagine how any parent could willingly poison his or her child and how her desire to end his life was allegedly greater than her instinct to preserve it. 

Why do you think this mom and her boyfriend allegedly killed this teen boy?


Image via Vermont State Police

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