Couple Busted for Drunk Driving Decide to Have Sex ... on the Way to Jail

A Wisconsin couple were so enamored of each other that despite being arrested and sitting in the back of the patrol car -- well, let's just say they could not control their passion. Yes, Travis Husnik, 33, and Heather Basten, 29, reportedly had sex in the back of a squad car. Because nothing says sexy like jail.


The pair were pulled over for, what else, drunk driving. Once they were placed in the back of the cop car and were being transported to the station, the couple looked at each other, made some googly eyes, whispered some sweet nothings ... and went at it. Or maybe they just went at it.

The judge who sentenced them summed it all up when he said:

I'm getting to be pretty old guy and I've never seen that situation in my legal life. It's not like you have a lot of law school courses or training on what do you sentence a guy who has sex in a squad car to.

Indeed, that's a tough one. Perhaps these two need sex addict rehab? Chastity belts? A bucket of ice cold water?

But it's easy to see why Basten got so frisky. Her partner, Husnik, had a long rap sheet with 19 prior convictions. And who knows what else was long?

Look, folks, I'm a romantic. I love love. But in its proper time and place. Back of a cop car? Nope. Front of one? Nyah-uh. Anywhere near a cop car? Not unless you are married to a cop and even then you take your chances. Other places to avoid amorous activities: Churches, schools, funeral parlors. Really, this needs to be said?

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Basten was sentenced to 48 days in jail and Husnik to 90. But they're sentenced to forever on the Internet.


Image via police handout

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