Bullies Tell 13-Year-Old to 'Drink Bleach and Kill Himself' (VIDEO)


"How dare somebody make him feel like that," said a Washington state mom whose 13-year-old son was so mercilessly bullied that he contemplated suicide. Over a year-long period, he was teased, mocked, hit, and even kicked in the genitals. But that isn't even the worst of it.


It wasn't until the mom intercepted a text message her son had written that she decided to take serious action. The message read: “Don’t say anything but I have thought about killing myself.” She immediately pulled the boy from class and called police. She learned that his bullies had begun taunting him with the phrase, "Drink bleach and kill himself." The poor child just couldn't take it anymore and wanted to end his life.

Horrifying doesn't even begin to describe what it's like to learn your child is being treated this way. The mom, who only revealed her first name Cathrina in order to protect her son, made many allegations of verbal and physical abuse in the past. Yet the principal dismissed the claims. The trouble began last year in gym class when her son was kicked in the genitals and punched in the face. The school's solution -- he was given a note that excused him from gym class.

Then, in another incident, the child was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury after a sixth grader slammed him to the ground. The school district claims they investigated the incidences but didn't consider the majority of them bullying. Seriously? I'd really like to know their definition then. The principal said that the kids had been spoken with and that she didn't think it was a serious matter, that the kids were just joking around. I am sure I am not alone when I say that response was absolutely unacceptable. Cathrina has now enrolled her child in a new school.

Watch this mother describe what has happened to her son:

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