Mother of Three Caught Hiding Heroin Under Her Prosthetic Butt

A 33-year-old mom of three young children from Massachusetts, who says she “doesn’t have a butt” and, therefore, needs to wear a plastic derriere enhancer, allegedly discovered her accessory serves more than one purpose. Police say Jill Roy almost got away with stashing drugs, including heroin, under her fake butt.

Roy has been in trouble with the law before because of illegal substances and was on probation, according to police. She was arrested at a traffic stop a few weeks ago when cops say they noticed a passenger in her car was stashing items under her seat and looked to be suspicious. While she may have gotten away with her crime had her friend not LOCKED the car door on a cop (seriously, what was she thinking?), police say a bag containing pills fell from Roy's pants leg as they were questioning her outside of their patrol car.

And that was nothing compared with what they found on her at the police station.


A female officer was reportedly in the process of patting Roy down when she instructed the suspect to remove her “hard exterior underwear.” Roy became upset by the request, according to police, and it’s simple to see why: a “large bulge” in the second layer of underwear she was wearing reportedly contained two plastic bags containing 13 Oxycodone pills and $350 worth of heroin.

In addition to the hard drugs, cops uncovered bags of marijuana in the car Roy was driving, which reportedly belonged to a known criminal. The woman allegedly admitted the weed was hers.

Roy has been charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute, as well as a traffic violation.

In addition to serving time, let's hope Roy gets the help she needs so she can be a good mother to her three children.

Do you think police focus too much on drug arrests?


Image via e-Magine Art/Flickr

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