Man Kills His Friend Because of a Facebook 'Poke'

A man was reportedly been killed because he "poked" a friend's girlfriend on Facebook. The man, Richard Rovetto, died after an argument in which his pal, Scott Humphrey, reportedly punched him several times during an argument over why he "poked" his friend's girlfriend. Rovetto, who was a father of one, apparently died after several punches, and the "death blow" occurred after he hit his head on the ground.


The argument over the "poke" occurred in Nottingham, England, and started after the pair were coming back from a stag party. Apparently they began going at it in a cab, but then the fight continued after they got out of the cab.

The court heard how Humphrey asked Rovetto, "If you're such a good friend why did you poke my missus?"

The prosecutor argued that Humphrey accused his pal in the cab of contacting his girlfriend in the past, and then more recently sending her a poke -- which he interpreted as being flirty. Rovetto denied he knew it was the man's girlfriend -- but obviously Humphrey wasn't buying that excuse.

Damn, people get so insane about Facebook. This isn't the first time we've heard of people getting into deadly arguments over a Facebook thing. Usually it's some kind of wall post or relationship status change. This is the first I've heard of a poke triggering someone's death. I didn't even know pokes were considered to be a flirtation. Occasionally I've gotten pokes and ignored them. Once I asked a man why he was "poking" me and what it meant. He replied, "I have no idea."

Seems like this guy was being super oversensitive -- not to mention crazed and jealous. Seems like some people should stay off Facebook entirely.
Humphrey was sentenced to four years in prison. The judge seemed to take pity on him since he didn't mean to kill his friend and is apparently "devastated" about it.
Maybe so, but punching anyone because of a poke is just absurd.
Have you ever gotten jealous over a Facebook poke?
Image via Mehfuz Hossain/Flickr
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