Man Arrested After He Tells Wife She's 'Fat' 2 Days After Giving Birth

A really mean man has been charged with disorderly conduct after a raucous fight with his wife in which he committed a cardinal sin: the creep allegedly called her "fat" TWO DAYS after she gave birth to their daughter.

And, according to the report, it's not like this guy just said a dumb thing in the heat of the moment and couldn't take it back and is usually a peach of a person. When you hear about how 31-year-old Joshua McCall of Georgia treated the new mom, it will make you either run and hug your husband or praise the Lord that you are single.


The Columbia County Sheriff's report states that after the couple's dog pooped in their house, McCall reportedly told his wife to clean it up and "quit being lazy and burn some calories." When she protested that she had just given birth two days before that, he reportedly told her he was going to leave her because she was fat.

And you can forget about this woman getting any help from her husband while he was on paternity leave. Apparently, he informed her that he only took days off so he could have a vacation.

How mean!

You can imagine how difficult it must have been for this woman -- who is still recuperating from child birth, for god's sake -- to up and leave with her newborn. But let's all give her a much-deserved round of applause because that's just what she did. Good for her!

However, when she called police and told them she needed to go back to their house to retrieve a few items and their dogs, McCall reportedly told cops he didn't know why his wife was so upset -- that she was "probably having female problems." When his wife explained to him that he didn't take care for their pets and that's why she wanted them, he allegedly told her in front of their neighbors to "go f*** yourself," at which point police arrested him.

And the jerk-of-the-week award goes to ...

What would you have done if you were this woman?


Image via Columbia County Sheriff's Office

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