Grandma Accused of Dressing as Witch Named 'Nelda' & Torturing Girl (VIDEO)

It's bad enough that a woman is accused of abusing her 7-year-old granddaughter. But along with the usual horrible claims of abuse -- malnourishment, burns, bruises -- there is one truly bizarre claim that rises this case to a level of truly sickening. Geneva Robinson, 49, of Oklahoma, is accused of not only beating her granddaughter -- but dressing up like a witch to do it!


Robinson brought her 7-year-old granddaughter to the hospital, claiming she was uncontrollable. But soon it was Robinson who was in trouble, as doctors noted burns, bruises, and cuts around the girl's ankles that had become infected and pointed toward the girl being bound.

After interviewing the girl, authorities heard some very disturbing allegations. The girl claimed that her grandmother would dress up like a witch with a green mask named "Nelda" to abuse her. "Nelda" would allegedly hang the victim in the garage with a dog leash and tell her that "creatures in the attic" were going to come get her.

Neighbors came forward to defend the woman, calling the allegations "laughable" and "not true." One man who actually lives in the house with the pair (as well as three other kids) says the girl is troubled and denies that the evil witch "Nelda" exists.

Indeed the allegations are very strange -- and you can understand why neighbors might think them the product of a girl's overheated imagination. But doctors can see malnourishment, infected cuts, bruises, and burns with their own eyes. So if those things exist, then there is more than an imagination going on here.

Additionally, police said they found evidence to back up the girl's story -- including whips, chains, and a witch's hat.

They also felt there was enough evidence to charge "Nelda" -- she was booked on child abuse charges. All four children were removed from the home.

If Robinson is guilty of the crime of being an evil witch, she seemed to hide it well.


Image via KFOR

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