Missing Girl Sabrina Allen Found Safe After 12-Year Search

A Texas girl who was kidnapped 12 years ago has been found and will soon be reunited with her father. Sabrina Allen, who was 4 years old when her non-custodial mother reportedly fled with her to Mexico, was found thanks to an international secret rescue mission conducted by the Mexican Federal Authority, the FBI and US Marshals, as well as an investigative firm. Sabrina's mother had reportedly dyed the little girl's hair and both had been living under false names. Sabrina and her mother, Dara Llorens, were flown back to Houston on Tuesday night. Llorens has been taken into custody.


Twelve years ago, Llorens allegedly abducted the girl and moved to Mexico at the end of a six-month period of court-supervised visitation period. Since then, her father and family have been diligently searching for her.

Sabrina is now 17 years old. She is being evaluated at a hospital before she will be returned to her father. But she has been found to be in good physical health.

In 2003, the pair were found in Mexico City but managed to escape capture. This time, the pair were under observation by someone working for a private investigations firm for two weeks before authorities moved in. According to the firm, Klein Investigations & Consulting, there was a struggle between Llorens and an officer, but he is okay.

Her father, Greg Allen, told KVUE:

I am overjoyed that Sabrina has been found alive and is safe. We look forward to being reunited very soon.

Wow, this dad certainly did NOT give up. Imagine a private investigator on the case for 12 years!

Who knows why Llorens decided to go this route other than through justice system channels, but this girl has definitely been robbed of a childhood getting to know her father. She's now 17 and is going to have a lot to process and get used to. No doubt this will be an agonizing time for her.

Hopefully she can emotionally recover with the help of her family.


Image via Center for National Center for Exploited & Missing Children

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