Mom Arrested for Biting Baby Because He Wouldn't Stop Crying (VIDEO)

A Texas mom has been arrested for allegedly biting her baby repeatedly. She also allegedly struck him with an object and threw him to the ground. Dawn Elizabeth Greene, 24, is accused of biting her baby boy several times, as well as other forms of abuse. A man claiming to be the baby's father says, "She gets like that when she's drunk."


It's unclear whether or not Greene WAS drunk when she allegedly bit the child, but reportedly police found her passed out near him. The baby, who reportedly had bruises and teeth marks all over his body, was rushed by helicopter to the hospital. He was treated for internal injuries but has recovered and is with relatives.

Reportedly, Greene bit the child because he wouldn't stop crying. But the man who says he's the baby's father and is fighting for custody (though he is not on the birth certificate) says that Greene most likely bit the baby when she was drunk because "she gets like that." He also said it was something he feared would happen because she did the same thing to him!

He says that Greene wouldn't let him see the child over the weekend and finally "mumbled" that she had bit him. It's unclear if he is the one who called police.

Someone can act out of character and do things they would never do sober -- but biting a baby? That just seems like the kind of thing you wouldn't do drunk if you couldn't do it sober. But who knows, everyone is different. Some people definitely do strange and horrible shit when they're drunk that they wouldn't otherwise do.

It sounds like Greene would need years of sobriety under her belt before she should be trusted with her baby again -- and even if she had that, it's still a risk since someone with alcohol issues can always relapse.

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Hopefully this baby is with caring relatives now who will keep the mom away from him.


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