Woman Running Evil Adoption Scam Breaks Hearts of 4 Families

adoption fraud

A Texas woman has pleaded guilty to defrauding four families that wanted to adopt children. Chrystal Marie Rippey, 34, admitted she concocted a devious scheme in which she pretended to be pregnant in order to fool adoption agencies and families who wanted to adopt. Rippey told these people she was willing to give up her unborn child and went on to bilk them for rent, utilities, gifts, food, and living expenses. In the case of one family, Rippey went so far as to move into their house and allow them to bring her on a two-week vacation.

After all that heartbreak, what Rippey actually ended up pleading guilty for was a single count of wire fraud. If you ask me, this horrible woman is getting off way, way, WAY too easy.


Last week, Rippey reached a deal with prosecutors for what amounts to a 31-month prison sentence followed by three years supervised release. She confessed to scamming four different families in 2011 and 2012 after contacting adoption agencies and prospective parents, and here's what she did to those people:

Couple 1: A Delaware couple moved Rippey into their home for a month, took her on a two-week vacation to the beach, and paid for her living expenses, new clothes, cellphone, and food. Rippey gave them a sonogram image as proof she was pregnant with twins, but it turns out she stole the image from the Internet. She then broke off contact with them completely.

Couple 2: A Kansas couple paid more than $22,000 in an escrow account to pay for Rippey’s living expenses after she told them she'd had trouble with CPS and that a fire had burned down the house of the birth father. Once again, she broke off contact.

Couple 3: Rippey worked with a Kansas adoption agency to find another couple who began supporting her, and once they met her in California, they were shocked to find that she was showing no signs of pregnancy.

Couple 4: Another couple paid expenses to a Texas adoption agency as well as travel fees after Rippey told them she was expecting twins. She also said she had a son in the hospital and couldn't afford food into order to scam them for more cash. The couple began suspecting something was wrong when Rippey didn't complete the agency paperwork.

I know this wasn't a violent crime and jails are overflowing as it is, but I wish this lady could be thrown behind bars for a longer sentence with no possibility of early release. In my opinion, what she did was worse than stealing material goods -- she stole these families' dreams and likely destroyed their trust in pursuing any future adoption partnerships. What a selfish, despicable act that she clearly was willing to do over and over with zero remorse. I hope the families that were affected were able to eventually move on and find a way to the parenthood roles they wanted so badly.

Do you think one count of wire fraud is enough for this person?

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