Mom Arrested for Bringing 7-Year-Old Daughter Along on Drug Deal (VIDEO)

It's always nice when a mother and daughter share activities. Okay, maybe not always. Like if you're going to do a drug deal, probably best to leave the little one at home. But that's not what Texas mom Silvia Tijerina allegedly did when she went on a drug selling run outside a local nightclub. Video shows her reportedly selling drugs to an undercover cop -- but the law was stymied when they realized that her 7-year-old daughter was in the passenger side, apparently there to learn the tricks of the trade.


Police say they were in the middle of an undercover drug bust when cameras caught not only a woman selling cocaine -- but her little girl sitting right there watching her. Captain Brian Cantrell of the Waller County Sheriff's Deptartment told KHOU:

It's unimaginable that a mother would place a child in this situation. It's almost like the mother is training the small child how to be a drug dealer.

Oh yes. Apparently mom didn't just bring her daughter along because she couldn't find a babysitter. Cops say it looks like the girl was there to help mom out, even being the one to pass the drugs through the window. And this doesn't seem like it was her first time on a drug run with mom. She even took the money and held it up to make sure it wasn't counterfeit.

Police say they normally spend months busting a drug ring and making an arrest, but this time they did it within weeks to get the little girl out of the situation.

Take a look:

So maybe we want to wonder why the mom needs to do this to make a living -- and have some compassion for her. But taking her kid along and essentially setting her up to do the same thing? Ugh, no excuse for that.

Tijerina reportedly had three other children, who are now living with their father. The little girl in the video has been reportedly placed with other family members.


Image via KHOU

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