Mom Breaks Into Home of Man Busted for Child Porn & Teaches Him a Lesson (VIDEO)

A mom has been arrested after punching an alleged child porn addict. The man, Gary Spring, 61, had only been at his home in Danvers, Massachusetts, for a few hours after being sprung on bond for allegedly possessing over 300 images of child porn on his computer when his downstairs neighbor, mother of two Nicole Pelletier, who is a Navy veteran, entered his apartment as he was sleeping. As soon as he awoke, he got a knuckle sandwich, courtesy of the outraged mom.


Pelletier, 41, a licensed clinical social worker, was so incensed that her downstairs neighbor, who had no doubt met her 13-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy, was a child porn freak that she couldn't help but break into his apartment and sock him in the face. Spring suffered a bloody nose but otherwise declined treatment at the scene.

Pelletier was not only angry at her neighbor -- but herself. As soon as she was done punching the guy, she called 911 and reported herself. She also told dispatch to get over there because she wanted to "kill" her neighbor. No doubt.

She is charged with assault and battery and breaking and entering.

Spring, who was fired from his Merrimack College professor job, where he also ran a summer camp program for kids, reportedly admitted to the FBI that he became sexually aroused by child pornography and masturbated to it. Just the kind of guy you want living around your kids, eh?

At least Spring hasn't been accused of acting out his fantasies -- but what child porn addicts don't seem to realize is that someone else is. These are not robot children they are looking at online. Somewhere, a real child is being horribly, horribly abused. Viewing child pornography is what fuels these despicable crimes.

Spring sounds like he wasn't too mad at his neighbor for punching him, considering he didn't fight back. However, now he can go one step further by working to get the charges against this mom dropped.

Yes, he might feel in danger around her. But she feels in danger around him, for her children.

This is a very complex topic and I don't suggest that everyone who suspects a neighbor views child porn should take it upon themselves to exact revenge -- but this mom was obviously horrified and enraged, as any mother would be. She deserves some compassion. Spring knows he did wrong. Now he can do a little right.

What would you do? Should the mom have done this?


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