Grandmother Arrested for Leaving Baby in Car While She Went to a Movie (VIDEO)

A grandmother has been arrested for leaving her 5-month-old grandbaby in a car while she did something reaaaaallly important ... she went to the movies. Felicia Green, 49, of Tyler, Texas, reportedly wanted to catch a flick (was it Gone Girl??) and decided that, well, you know how annoying babies can be in movie theaters. So she allegedly decided to leave the little girl in the car.


Police responded to a call about a baby sleeping in a car alone, so they came out and busted the lock, removing the baby, who they say was in there for about an hour. They were eventually able to track down Green, who was watching ... hmm. Not sure. Something really interesting, I hope.

Why not get a babysitter? you might be asking yourselves. Well, there's a simple reason for that. Green was the babysitter. Yes, grandma had the baby while her daughter, the baby's mother, was at work.

Temps were in the mid-70s at the time in Texas, and babies do not regulate temperature the way adults do, so the situation could have turned dangerous. Luckily, it did not, and the baby was returned to her mother.

But what the hey? What kind of babysitting is this? Presumably if it was the kind the mom wanted, she could have left the baby in a car somewhere herself. If I were the mom, I'd be super pissed.

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If you've got a baby with you and want to watch a movie so bad, why not just bring it with you and leave if the baby starts crying. Oddly, the grandmother told police that the girl was sleeping, so she left her in the car. Which means she likely would have been sleeping in the theater. So why not bring her in?

Or, even better, ever heard of Netflix?

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