11-Year-Old Girl Shoots Man Allegedly Attacking Her Mom (VIDEO)

A little girl came to her mom's rescue after a man allegedly broke into their house and began stabbing the mom. Leonardo Henry, 25, is accused of bashing in his ex-girlfriend's back door, entering the home, and stabbing her several times. The woman's 11-year-old daughter then allegedly ran for a gun and shot him several times. Both the mom and Henry are in the hospital and expected to survive.


The woman had apparently been scared of the man and had an order of protection against him. She had accused him of molesting several children in the neighborhood and was worried he would come back to her and exact revenge. That's reportedly what he tried to do.

According to a neighbor, the woman is also pregnant. It's unclear if the attacker is the father of the baby.

But he must not have expected that while he allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the eye, neck, and chest that the mom's brave daughter would wield a gun, take aim, and hit him several times in their home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Reportedly, the man was able to stumble out of the house but didn't get too far before collapsing.

The man's sister, Emma Spence, told KFOR:

It’s gruesome. It makes me sick. I salute [the daughter]. I'm 21 years old and I don't know how to use a gun.

While what the girl did was amazing and brave, she will probably still have emotional scars from the ordeal. It's horrible that she had to witness that, and had to come to her mother's defense.

Police say that so far the shooting seems to be justified and are not planning on charging her. Seems more like they should give her a medal -- and hopefully some counseling, because she very well may need it.

And let's salute the mom too who reported her boyfriend to authorities even though she had every reason to be terrified of him.


Image via KFOR

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