Woman Accused of Killing Mom of 2 So She Could Steal Her Kids

A 37-year-old woman allegedly lured a mother of two young children to her ex-boyfriend's home under the guise of giving her baby clothes, only to shoot her in the head and try to claim the children as her own. Catherine Goins, 37, is accused of meeting the mom and offering her some baby clothes, which the mom, 30-year-old Natalia Roberts, came to pick up at Goins' ex-boyfriend's home in Catoosa County, Georgia, with her baby and toddler in tow. According to police, Goins shot Roberts in the head as she was walking down the stairs, and then fled the crime scene with Roberts' two children.


Goins had apparently been faking being pregnant and hoped to pass off Roberts' 3-week-old baby as her own. It's unclear what she planned to do with Roberts' other child, a 3-year-old.

First, Goins' reportedly called her on-off boyfriend, Tony Richards, and told him she had shot an intruder in his home. She told police she had shot at a shadowy figure on the staircase. But her story soon fell apart when Richards returned home and found the dead woman. He then called Goins, who had Roberts' two children, and convinced her to return to the house.

Goins, who didn't know Roberts before the murder, had apparently been faking being pregnant, but when her boyfriend (either Richards or another man, it's unclear) found out she wasn't, he left her. Goins then allegedly concocted the plan to steal Roberts' baby and pass the baby off as her own.

Sounds like not only a diabolical plan, but a ludicrous one. How on Earth did this woman allegedly think she was going to get away with shooting a mom in cold blood -- one who happened to have two children -- and then showing up with those exact same children and claiming they were hers? Especially a 3-year-old, whom no one had ever seen her with before and whom Roberts' family could easily identify?

As cold-blooded and horrific as this is, sounds like the woman isn't all there.

Unfortunately, pregnant women and women with newborns do need to know there are some crazed baby snatchers out there, and it's truly a shame that women can't simply trust strangers to help them out. Of course, they're few and far between (thankfully), and the vast majority of people are trustworthy, but why take the chance?

As for women who do this kind of thing, they give all women a bad name. I really can't think of anything much more evil than killing a woman to steal her child.

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Image via Catoosa County Sheriff's Office

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