14-Year-Old Boy Shot & Killed by Police Under Questionable Circumstances

crime scene

With Ferguson and Michael Brown still fresh in our minds, it's hard not to tense up every time the phrase "police shooting" comes up. As such, news of a 14-year-old fatally shot by a police officer in Louisiana is cause of concern. The immediate question that comes to mind: was he unarmed?


According to the police, there was a weapon in the vicinity. A sheriff's deputy was responding to a call about armed suspects running into an abandoned house when the shooting occurred. Five people were reported going into the home -- two minors and an 18-year-old were arrested while a fourth person ran out the back door.

Cameron Tillman, a freshman in high school, was killed. A "weapon" was reportedly found "in close proximity" to the child's body. However, police did not say what type of weapon it was, so it may not have been a gun. It's unclear what, if anything, Tillman and the other boys actually did wrong. He's described as a great athlete who lived near that abandoned house he died in.

I am sure more details will come to light in the days to come. And during that time, family and friends will surely paint one story and the police will paint another. These cases always boil down to THEY said, THEY said. There may be protests. There may even be more violence because incidents like this leave people scared, angry, and confused. Though no matter who shouts the loudest or what is said, one thing cannot be disputed -- a kid's life was cut entirely too short.

Do these stories of police shootings make you more fearful of the police?

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