Woman Brutally Beaten After Asking Teens Not to Curse in Front of Kids

no cursingOnce upon a time, not so long ago, when you were reprimanded by a neighbor, teacher -- any adult, whether you were from the same gene pool or not -- you listened. And, if you didn't listen, you got twice the scolding at home. The child who even thought of raising her hands to a grownup was a rare one -- and always the same kid you heard spent time in juvie years later.

It breaks my heart to hear that a group of young teens riding a New York City subway took such great offense to being asked, politely it seems, not to curse in front of children on the train that they reportedly beat a young woman with such savage force, she was knocked unconscious. And all because she had the nerve to attempt to teach them a little bit of good, old-fashioned respect.


"Amanda," who is 21, says she was riding on the G Train in Brooklyn on the afternoon of September 10 when a group of kids got on and began talking loudly about some fight they had just been involved in and how they beat the tar out of someone.

Now, since we all know that kids a) make up stories, b) have a strong desire to be liked by their peers and embellish the truth, and c) seem unable to reliably gauge the volume of their voices, we often overlook a lot of what we hear them say in public places.

But the teens apparently woke up two sleeping children with their loud cussing, Amanda says. When their father asked them to keep it down, Amanda says she reminded the kids not to curse in front of children and "to be more respectful."

And just like that, she opened up the floodgates to ridicule. She says the teens called her a "b****" and waved their fingers in her face to provoke her to fight them. 

Amanda admits she eventually ended up cursing at the girls, which we all know isn't going to resolve anything -- and Amanda admits that she realized this, too, but couldn't help herself. When the train pulled into her station and she began to get off, she says three of the girls shoved her and that she pushed one back.

Oh boy.

She was then jumped by the rest of the group, she says, and beaten so badly on the train that her body went numb. She somehow ended up on the train platform but still has no idea how she got there, which is just scary. Thankfully, the man on the train who initially asked the teens to be quiet helped peel them off the young woman, but seriously, are you telling me just one person on the entire train helped her as she was being jumped by a gang of kids?!

Even though cops were nearby and they apprehended the three girls and reportedly arrested a 14-year-old girl for assault and disorderly conduct, you might say the teens won in this case because Amanda says she will never, ever open her mouth like that again. This is just sad because there are children and teens who need to be reminded of rules, who benefit from these reminders. But if the consequence to speaking to other people's children like they're your own is bodily harm, I can't say I blame Amanda for choosing silence.

I still believe it takes a village to raise children, but the reality is looking a lot more like Lord of the Flies.

Do you think adults should reprimand children and teens in public or mind their own business?


Image via Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Flickr

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