Toddler Allegedly Beaten to Death By Dad Because She Soiled Diaper

cribSome people just have no business raising children. You know the type I'm referring to: parents who beat their children viciously or stand by and watch it occur. That is what appears to have happened to 2-year-old Peyton Graham. The toddler was allegedly beaten to death by her dad, a soldier in the military, because she soiled her diaper. But if found guilty, he certainly isn't the only one to blame.


According to police, there was a witness to the beating. Dartarious Graham became upset after Peyton did what all toddlers do -- she went to the bathroom in her diaper. Also in the apartment at the time was his 19-year-old cousin Robert Franklin, who saw the child being beaten with a belt and did nothing to help her. He did absolutely nothing to stop it. In fact, he walked out of the room.

When the father emerged with the child, he says the child went limp and he called 911 for help. It was too little too late. Peyton's mother Elizabeth Graham was not home but police say that there was a history of her husband beating the child and she did nothing to stop or report the abuse. The proof -- the body of poor little Peyton was riddled with wounds.

Now all three of these adults face criminal charges: Dartarious Graham was booked on Capital Murder. Elizabeth Graham and Robert Franklin were booked on Injury to a Child by Omission -  and rightfully so as far as I'm concerned. Standing by as a child is brutally abused is not just wrong, it's criminal.

Do you think the cousin and mother should be charged too?


Image via © Lacey Ann Johnson/Gallery Stock/Galeries/Corbis

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