Man Arrested for Egregious Act Against Kids, Mom Says He Was Just 'Disciplining'

A man has been charged with locking his girlfriend's five children in a bedroom without access to food, water, or a bathroom for at least 24 hours. And mom is just fine with that. The man, Joshua Steinbronn, is accused of locking the children, who range in age from 3 to 9, in the bedroom for long periods. But mom says he was just disciplining her kids who are, according to her, "uncontrollable."


Deputies responded to a domestic call in Iowa City, Iowa and heard several children shouting from a window for help. Investigators found the kids locked in a bedroom that locked from the outside. One girl told them she had injured her leg trying to escape.

The children reportedly told authorities that they had to urinate in cups, clothing and baby diapers since they would not be let out of the room under any circumstances.

However, the kids' mom, Jonya Smith, sides with her boyfriend and says he was just disciplining her "uncontrollable" kids and that they were never in the room for more than 24 hours.

Well, this should be an easy enough case to prove. Is there urine all over the room? Then the kids were in there for far too long.

Unfortunately, too many moms do side with their boyfriends when they should be siding with the children.

As for the kids being "uncontrollable," I would imagine five young kids are a mighty handful. Perhaps even uncontrollable. But I fail to see how locking all five of them in a room together helps the situation. In fact, they should probably be separated if they're causing trouble.

Locking kids inside a room for extended periods of time and not letting them use a bathroom or eat is not discipline, it's abuse.

Do you thinking locking kids in a room is ever proper punishment?


Image via Ben Zvan/Flickr

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