Mom Arrested for Helping Daughter Carry Out Vulgar School Prank

football fieldI am all for trying to be a "cool mom," but one parent may have taken her need to be her daughter's BFF entirely too far. A Michigan woman is accused of helping her teen and another student carry out a prank that caused $20,000 in damage to the school's football field. Not only that, school officials say the stunt wasn't just costly, it was disturbingly vulgar.


According to reports, the trio used grass killer to burn a huge image of a penis into the turf. They got the idea from seeing a similar prank in online. How they convinced the 50-year-old mother to participate is unclear, but our children certainly aren't the only ones to cave to pressure to join in.

Sometimes in a desperate attempt to appear cool or be liked by our children, we let them get away with things we know they shouldn't. However, for most of us, that means letting them stay up past curfew or allowing them to wear a skirt that's much shorter than usual. This mom took it the extra mile by allegedly helping them draw a 100-foot rendering of genitalia. They are also accused of making two smaller, 30-foot penises, and the number 2016.

I am sure when they were concocting the plan, it sounded like a bit of harmless fun but police say that due to the amount of damage, it's a felony. She also faces a misdemeanor charge for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  The mother has since been arrested, charged, and arraigned. For her part, this parent says that she never stepped onto the field and that she nor her daughter took part in the prank. Still, police have also charged the minor and placed her in a juvenile detention center. No one's laughing now.

Do you think school officials and police are overreacting?


Image via © Dale May/Corbis

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