Pastor Pulls Gun on Alleged Thieving Grandma

handgunGod bless Texas. Pastor Benny Holmes of The Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas, was frustrated that two packages that had been mailed to him went missing. Other residents in the neighborhood reported the same thing, so Homes set a trap to see if he could catch a thief in the act.

Months earlier, he and his wife Pat Holmes had seen video surveillance of a woman twice appearing to pilfer packages from their doorstep. Pat recalled her husband saying, "I'm going to sit here and I'm going to pull guard duty. I'm going to be a watchman on the wall."


Holmes set two dummy packages on the porch and waited to see if anyone would take the bait. It took several hours, but eventually a 52-year-old grandmother pulled her car into the drive and made her way to the porch from the side of the house.

That's when Holmes pulled his gun on her, and told her to lie down while he called the police. According to Pat Holmes, her husband recognized the woman as someone he'd found sneaking around his property two years ago, claiming to be looking for her lost dog. She used the same lost dog excuse again.

"I guess she uses that every time she gets caught," Pat Holmes said. "This time he replied, 'You found him, bow wow.'"

Homes allegedly held her down until the police got there and arrested her on charges of theft. The Baytown Police Department identified her as Laurie Ferguson, and suspect that she's the habitual thief who has been stealing packages from multiple homes in the area.

Detective Luzette Watkins said that they found at least 30 items that may have been stolen in a closet in her home, and that Holmes would face no charges for detaining the suspect with an armed weapon. "Here in Texas you're allowed to protect the property," Watkins said.

Pat Holmes is glad they caught the thief, but obviously has no hard feelings. She said she's already gotten a gift for Ferguson -- a cap that reads "forgiven."

Would you ever consider setting a trap for a criminal?


Image via Keary O./Flickr

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