Fraternity Accused of Putting Date Rape Drugs in Women's Drinks at Recent Party

Members of a fraternity at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are being questioned after police say they may have spiked women's drinks with a date rape drug at a recent party.

The alarming news comes one week after students in the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity -- which is the same frat that was investigated last year in connection with three sexual assault reports -- allegedly slipped "roofies" into drinks at a wild party that took place last weekend. Police say they were called three times to an on-campus residence hall, where they found women and men so intoxicated they couldn't remember details about the night.


Cops say one woman they encountered at the hall was so drunk she couldn't stand. Her blood-alcohol level was 0.20, which is twice the limit of 0.08. She also had a red X on her hand. On that same visit, a man who they say was vomiting into a trash can had a black X on his hand and told them he had been drinking at the frat house all night.

In total, three women and one man were taken to the hospital and questioned about the party.

When police and officers from the university searched the frat house that night, they say they found 42 underage students drinking in the basement. One man was reportedly so drunk he kept saying "20 seconds" when asked his age.

Several students had highly disturbing accounts of what was happening at the party that night. One girl says her friend was escorted home by a male friend who told her a bunch of guys were trying to make out with her because she was "really wasted." Another woman said a Facebook posting claimed members of Tau Kappa Epsilon had tried to "roofie" women so that they would become unconscious. The same student recalled how she was physically removed from the bar when she tried to pour her own drink.

Other students reportedly say the vodka shots they were served were "cloudy." Many had difficulty recalling the night and say they blacked out at the party.

After searching their house, police say they have reason to suspect the date rape drug was used, which is beyond frightening and cowardly. UWM suspended the fraternity while the investigation takes place and one student has been arrested in connection with the incident.

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