Mom Shot in the Head By Marine Husband Hid Their Baby in a Toilet Bowl

If anyone needs proof that moms are the real superheroes of the world, this is it. Jessica Arrendale, a 33-year-old mom from Georgia, paid the ultimate price when her former Marine husband attacked and killed her while reportedly drunk. But she didn't allow their precious 6-month-old daughter Cobie to suffer the same fate and saved her life by hiding her in a toilet bowl so her father couldn't hurt her.

Arrendale and 30-year-old Antoine Davis reportedly returned home from a dinner date when Jessica's mother says he became abusive. Jessica, who was holding their baby, got out a baseball bat to try to fend off her husband, but he reportedly took it from her and hit her -- and their baby -- with it several times.

What happened next was both a nightmare and a miracle.


The woman allegedly ran into their bathroom and locked the door behind her. Davis was able to get an assault rifle and kick down the door. He then reportedly shot his wife in the head one time -- but once was enough to end her life.

Here's the only bright light: according to Jessica's mother, the mom fell over the toilet bowl after she was shot and dropped Cobie into it.

When police arrived, they found Davis had committed suicide in his baby's room by shooting himself. And it took 13 hours, but they eventually found baby Cobie -- alive in the toilet bowl. This poor angel reportedly sustained a head injury that is believed to have happened when Davis struck her and Jessica with the bat. Jessica's mother says she will care for Cobie once she is released from the hospital, so at least we know someone caring will provide for her.

Yet another sickening domestic abuse case -- one with a horrific ending. A child whose mother obviously had so much love in her heart for her doesn't deserve to have her ripped from her life before she celebrates her first birthday. It's unfortunate the man reportedly responsible for this was too cowardly to live and accept the consequences he deserved.

At the very least, we can say this: Cobie will grow up hearing stories about how her mother was her hero.

What do you think about what this mom did before she died?


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