Teacher & Mom of 2 Accused of Sexually Assaulting 3 Students

Nicole DufaultA New Jersey high school teacher is behind bars after being accused of having sex with three of her 15-year-old students multiple times. Nicole Dufault, 34, allegedly had "full intercourse and engaged in oral sex with the underage teens in her car and on Columbia High School's campus, in Maplewood, from 2013 to 2014."

The mom-of-two was arrested in her home Wednesday evening, and she was charged the next morning with multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.


The Essex County Prosecutor's Office said the boys were students at the school, where Dufault has taught language arts for nine years. Her own children have been removed from her custody, and she's being held on $500,000 bail.

School officials explained the situation to parents in a letter. In part, it stated, "The CHS administrative team, guidance counselors, student assistance counselors, school social workers, and teachers are supporting students and staff impacted by events ... If your child is showing signs of stress in reaction to the events or the investigation, please reach out to his or her guidance counselor or a member of the administrative team."

It's hard to say why women do these things. Reports say she had two toddler boys at home, so maybe it's some sort of desperate attempt to reclaim her youth? Why couldn't she find someone over 18 to get her jollies on? What. The. Heck?

As a parent, you expect your kids to be safe from predators at school. That's why they do background checks, right? Unfortunately, all the safety procedures in the world can't protect you from people who haven't been caught yet, or haven't acted badly yet.

Teenagers are so impressionable, these boys are probably suffering some heavy emotional trauma. I mean, what 15-year-old boy doesn't have sex on the brain all the time? But doing the teacher is morally and ethically wrong, but she probably put pressure on them and rationalized it ... Just such a crappy thing to do those kids.

Do you ever worry about your kids being taken advantage of at school?


Image via Essex County Sheriff's Office

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