Girl Used as 'Bait' Raped in School Bathroom But Principal Not Punished

If you're trying to catch a kid in the act of bullying and sexually harassing young girls at his school, it would seem odd to team him up with a young girl and send them both to the bathroom together. But this is apparently what happened at Sparkman Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama. Reportedly, a teacher's aide at the school, June Simpson, crafted a plan to catch a young special needs boy at the school in the act of harassing a classmate. To that end, she reportedly set up a 14-year-old girl to go into the bathroom with the boy, and she would walk in and catch him harassing her. Unfortunately, that is not at all the way it turned out.


Reportedly, the girl agreed (as part of the "plan") to meet the boy in the bathroom for sex. When they got into the bathroom, the teacher failed to show up to check on them, and the boy raped the girl.

No word on why the teacher seemed to forget she was supposed to go in and "catch" the boy committing an act of violence. Reportedly, the girl had extensive injuries, but the school downplayed them and referred to the rape as "inappropriate touching."

The teacher's aide was eventually fired, but the principal and several other players in the bizarre "plan" are still at the school. One has even been promoted.

This sounds like a dangerous plan from the get-go. A child with a history of harassing classmates shouldn't be sent alone anywhere with another child -- but if you absolutely need a witness to confirm harassment, then why the hell wouldn't the teacher show up like she was supposed to?

The girl's father has filed a lawsuit against the school, and the girl and her family have since moved out of state.

Sounds like the boy should have been watched more closely so teachers could catch him in his supposed acts of harassment rather than trying to play detective and using a young special needs girl as "bait" in some kind of a "sting." Perhaps the teacher meant well, but this is a plan that had the potential to go all kinds of wrong, and it sounds like it did.


Image via Vincent Li/Flickr

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