Woman Caught Stealing Angel From Teen's Grave Has Outrageous Excuse (VIDEO)

angel statueSo say you were going through a tough time in your life. Would you a) get some therapy, b) treat yourself to a night out, c) call your friends and talk it over? If you did any of the aforementioned, then you are not a woman from Connecticut who eased her emotional turmoil by stealing an angel statue from a teen's grave site.


Brandon Reeve died a decade ago at age 19 in a motorcycle crash. Since then, his family has kept a loving and sad eye over his grave, regularly placing flowers and statues on it. But when someone started vandalizing the site, they decided to set up a surveillance camera.

They were shocked when video of a woman with a blonde bob driving a white SUV pulled up alongside the grave, casually filched an angel and puppy statue that had been there for 10 years from the grave, and then placed it quickly in her vehicle. She then stood for a moment with her arms crossed, as if trying to pretend that she had come to pay her respects.

When video of the shocking scene made the news, the woman turned herself in. That's when she reportedly told police that she had plundered the grave because she felt a "connection" with the statue and hoped it would help her "persevere" through hard times.

Brandon's dad, James, is not having any of it: "She's just sorry she got caught," he says.

You'd think stealing from a grave site is something a troubled teen would do, but in another case that hit the news -- that of a woman who stole a toy from a child's grave -- the suspect was also a grown woman who should know better.

Who knows why this woman decided to take something from a dead person, who had already had his life taken from him, but there's no excuse for it, I don't care how sad you're feeling. The woman was driving an expensive car, surely she could have afforded to go buy something to cheer herself up. Or maybe she needs to look in the mirror and realize that she feels like crap because she's the kind of person who would steal from a dead teen's grave.

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The dad vows to press charges and hopefully she gets what is coming to her.

Why would she do this?


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