Jonathan Dwyer Is the Latest NFL Player Suspended for Domestic Abuse Charges

Jonathan DwyerWhat in the world is going on with the domestic assault charges in the NFL recently? First there was Ray Rice, who knocked out his wife (his fiance at the time -- poor girl ended up marrying him anyway) in a casino hotel elevator. Then Adrian Peterson got charged with child abuse for "whooping" his 4-year-old son, leaving him bloodied and bruised, and then he was accused of abusing another one of his kids as well.

Now Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer has been charged with domestic assault, for allegedly head-butting his wife and breaking her nose for refusing to have sex with him, and punching her in the face the next day.


The 25-year-old professional athlete was arrested on Wednesday for two altercations that happened in July, just days before he left for training camp. He spent the night in jail and was released Thursday after making a brief court appearance.

Dwyer's wife, Kayla Tobin Dwyer, 27, left the state after the incidents, but came forward a week ago when she reportedly received suicidal text text messages from him, including one with a picture of a knife.

Police had responded to the first incident, after being called by a neighbor who overheard the couple fighting. Reportedly, Dwyer had attempted to kiss and undress his unwilling wife before the head-butt to her nose occurred.

However, they did not make an arrest, because Dwyer hid in the bathroom and threatened to kill himself in front of his wife and their toddler son if she didn't lie and say he wasn't there.

The next day, he allegedly punched her on the left side of her face, punched walls, threw a cellphone out a second-story window, and threw a shoe at their 17-month-old son, who thankfully was not injured. Witnesses report that she said, "I'm calling the police."

Dwyer admitted to hiding in the bathroom after the first altercation, and to sending the picture of the knife and suicidal threats. He also owned up to punching walls in his home, although he denied committing an assault.

He was released on a $25,000 bond on Thursday, and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device. He is to have no contact with his wife and son, and has been deactivated from all Cardinal team activities.

Do you think there's a sudden upswing in domestic violence in professional sports, or is it just being reported more?


Image via Hector Alejandro/Flickr

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