Insane Wedding Turns Into 100-Person Brawl With 'Blood Everywhere' (VIDEO)

Something about weddings really seems to bring out the brawler in people. Is it the decor? The vows to spend eternity together? Oh wait, call me crazy, but maybe it's the open bar?? Anyway, the latest wedding brouhaha sounds worse than a mixed martial arts cage fight. In Orchard Park, New York, over 100 people at a wedding got into a serious rumble after the bride and groom said their "I do"s. And it wasn't just some little spat either. A witness reportedly said that there was "blood everywhere."


The witness told Buffalo News:

I’m telling you, there was blood everywhere. There was holes punched in the walls. Words couldn’t describe it. Just when you thought it was over, another fight started.

Just in case you're still not down with my open bar theory, a relative told WKBW:

I think the alcohol was a big cause of what went on here. People were blasted.

Nor did the brawl discriminate by age or gender. Another witness confirmed:

There were young and old people, men and women, involved.

Well, I'm glad everyone had fun.

Apparently it all started -- just in case we needed to know -- when a guest accused someone else of touching his girlfriend. Somehow that escalated into someone trying to choke the uncle of the groom. Keep it classy, guys.

Several police departments were needed to break up the fight. Despite all this, no charges have been filed yet.

Well, they say your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life -- and despite the amount of alcohol consumed, I think no one will forget this one. Surprised no one woke up with a tiger in the bathroom.

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Unfortunately, and strangely, no video seems to exist of the wedding brawl to end all wedding brawls. Now that would be one wedding video your friends would actually want to watch, eh?

Have you ever been to an out-of-control wedding?

Image via Channel 4

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