Dad Arrested for Making Son Drink Booze Because He Caught Him ... Drinking Booze

NFL star Adrian Peterson might be getting all the attention now for his controversial style of child "discipline," but all over the world there are parents who "discipline" in ways that are misguided at best, dangerous and abusive at worst. Take Mark Allen Hughes of Sweetwater, Tennessee. When he caught his 15-year-old son drinking alcohol, he was, rightfully, concerned. Even angry. But what he allegedly did to teach his teen a lesson about drinking was just all kinds of wrong.


Hughes has been charged with aggravated child abuse after police responded to a home and found a teen boy unresponsive in the back seat of a car parked outside. Police said the boy had no pulse and they had to perform CPR on him. He was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter.

So far it sounds like another sad story of a teen who didn't know his limits with alcohol and drank himself into a stupor. But what apparently happened is much more twisted.

Reportedly, after Hughes caught his son drinking booze, he forced him to play a drinking game with him until the boy could barely stand. Witnesses saw the whole thing happening but then apparently left the house. When they came back later, the teen was so intoxicated, they wanted to bring him to the hospital, but the father allegedly began fighting with them.

So the witnesses put the highly intoxicated teen in the back of a car and called police.

Sweetwater Police Chief Eddie Byrum told WBIR:

We'd like to use this as an example where if anybody else is out there and thinks this is how they're going to govern their children or direct them, we will put a stop to it.

Hughes' twisted logic told him this was a good way to discipline a child. There are all kinds of cockamamie ideas about the right way to discipline -- when I was a kid, it was put soap in the mouth of a kid who used swear words. That is not discipline, that borders on abuse. As for pets, there are still people who think you rub a dog's nose in shit. (No, you don't.)

While his intent may have been to show his son that drinking can be dangerous, it sounds like he does too much drinking himself, so he's not exactly leading by example. Plus, alcohol poisoning can kill you.

Luckily, the boy is said to be okay and recovering.

Did your parent ever discipline you in a wrong way?

Image via Monroe County Sheriff's Dept

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