14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Doing Kinky Things With Jesus

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy has reportedly been charged with "desecrating" a statue of Jesus. If you never knew you could be charged with something like that, well, probably no one else did either. Because the law is a little known one that was put on the books in Pennsylvania in 1972. So what did the teen do that required digging up this rarely used law and charging him? Spray painting the statue? Knocking its head off with a sledgehammer? Nope. He reportedly stood in front of the statue of Jesus and simulated a sex act, and then posted the picture to Facebook.


Because the boy is a minor, the court papers are sealed, so it's unclear what kind of sex act the boy was mimicking -- but do we really need to know?

Frankly, I doubt Jesus would care that much about this. I mean, he's got more pressing things to worry about, right? He'd probably take the kid aside, tell him that he was made for higher things, forgive him, and send him on his merry way. The kid would be so bowled over by Jesus' awesomeness that he'd never do anything like that again.

But Pennsylvania cops are not Jesus.

After the boy reportedly posted the photo to Facebook, in what is, granted, a predictably dumb move, he was arrested.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm sooooo glad there was no social media around when I was a dumb teen. Just sitting here thinking of the various stupid pics I took when I was younger that could have gotten me arrested, placed in foster care, expelled from school, or at the very least, the object of cyber hate and ridicule is giving me the willies.

C'mon, you know you have a few. You never made a lewd gesture at a sacred object when you were a kid? You never had a picture taken that would haunt you now?

Hell, when I was about 14, I remember giving my 7-year-old sister some empty beer cans and having her pose with them and taking Polaroids. Had I ever been so moronic as to post them to Facebook (and I'm sure I would have), I no doubt would been eviscerated, arrested, or taken away from my family -- possibly all three!

Teens push boundaries. Teens test their limits. Teens can be rude and crude.

Teach them who Jesus is. Teach them what he meant.

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But don't be surprised if they don't get it until they're older and have been through some shit and are searching for answers. The only answer a teen wants is to the question, "When's dinner?"

Do you think the teen should have been arrested?


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