Girl Allegedly Forced to Live in Shed Saved After Slipping Note to Neighbor

Parents of a 15-year-old girl have been arrested for child abuse after allegedly locking their daughter out of the house since August. The girl was reportedly living in a shed in the yard and using a garden hose to shower. The girl reportedly finally slipped a note under her neighbor's door asking for help.


The girl's note apparently asked the neighbor to meet her outside, and when the neighbor did, the girl asked her to call authorities but not tell her parents. The neighbor complied. She also said she had noticed what appeared to be the girl living outside.

Authorities in Bloom Township, Ohio, arrived and found a shed, a small wooden enclosure attached to the rear of the house, with a bed made of cinderblocks and a "mattress," a sheet of plywood topped by cardboard. There were no lights, water, or toilet.

The parents deny they did anything wrong and say the teen was only out there sometimes for "discipline." Her infraction? Sneaking into her parents' bedroom to use their computer.

Whether or not the girl was outside sometimes, making your kid sleep in a shed with a cardboard bed just isn't right. I don't care if they are sneaking on to your computer.

Thank goodness the neighbor stepped up to help, but unfortunately she then put herself in the crosshairs, with the mom reportedly threatening her via phone call and saying, "Payback's a bitch, bitch."

Great, now this poor woman will be in fear for her life and may have to move.

If the children get too scared to comply with an investigation, they may be returned to the parents, and the neighbor may have to worry about her safety. Ugh. I'd definitely protect myself in whatever way I'd need to if I were that neighbor. She did the right thing and shouldn't have to live in fear. Hopefully, the mom is charged for that phone call as well.

The teen and her brother have been removed from the home.

Have you ever had to report anyone for child abuse?


Image via Frances Vallance/Flickr

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