Bitter Ex Accused of Tricking Woman Into Eating Her Own Dog


Ever think you had the worst boyfriend ever? I bet he was nothing compared to Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh. The Northern California man is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's Pomeranian, cooking it, and secretly serving it to her during an alleged "make up" dinner. Here is how the sickening situation went down.


The woman told police that she last saw her dog Bear a month earlier when she ran out of her apartment after a fight with Watenapaugh. But when she returned, both were gone. She suspected nothing when the pair reunited a few weeks later. But she was shocked and horrified when he later sent her a text asking her how her dog tasted. He also allegedly sent her texts about what he planned to do with what remained of Bear, most notably sending her his severed paws. Which he did.

Though she admits this wasn't the first sign of trouble or that he may have been troubled. She claims that he assaulted her and held her against her will previously. Watenpaugh has since been arrested and admitted to sending the texts and delivering the paws ... but he denied killing or cooking the poor pooch. He is being charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking, and animal cruelty.

What a crazy, disturbing story. Lots of people want to get revenge on an ex, but this takes things to a sadistic, new level. Though he clearly accomplished his aims -- to devastate her in a way she never envisioned. If found guilty, hopefully he will receive a just sentence.

Do you think he really cooked her dog?


Image via youngthousands/Flickr

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