Alarming Facebook Photos Lead Police to 2-Year-Old's Dead Body (VIDEO)

Little 2-year-old Colton Brandt Turner, 2, was found dead in a wooded area near Austin, Texas and his mother has been arrested in connection with the case. The mom, Meagan Work, 20, is also pregnant, according to her friend. Last year, Work gave off signs that all was not well. She was arrested for animal abuse and for hitting a coworker. Turner had also reportedly shown signs of being abused in the past. But now it's too late for him.


Colton had not been seen since July and a friend of Work's, Briana Spieldenner, finally became so worried that she called police two days ago. Spieldenner said the last time she saw Colton, in April, he looked happy and healthy. He and Spieldenner's daughter would often play together.

But this week Work's cousin reached out to Spieldenner to ask if she had spoken to Work and voiced concern about Colton. She said the last time she had seen Colton, he had reportedly looked abused, with bruises and scratches. The pictures had been posted to Facebook for some odd reason, but it's unclear if they were posted to Work's page or someone else's. Work's page is full of pictures of Colton -- and when she was pregnant with him, she posted several pictures of her positive pregnancy test and sonogram photos.

Since Work, who had worked at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill at one point, was often transient and had no fixed address, Spieldenner began trying to find her. She told KVUE:

I didn't know where she was staying. I dug and I dug and I dug and Facebook Messenger has GPS location, she messaged me, her message location was on. I saw where she was at, I screen-shoted that. I mean I did everything I could and gathered everything I could to go to police.

Eventually police discovered what they believe to be Colton's body, strewn in a wooded area outside of Austin.

Work has been arrested and charged with abandoning her child. She is reportedly a "person of interest" in his death.

It seems like there were hints that Work had issues and things were not all well with Colton, but not enough for anyone to truly step forward and take him away from her? Reports say that Work had been reported to the State Department of Child and Family Protective Services, but privacy laws prevent us from knowing why.

Now Spieldenner is wracked with guilt, feeling she could have done something sooner. She said:

I've always been involved in his life and I love him and I l feel like I should have seen something sooner and should have been able to save him.

How tragic. Spieldenner shouldn't blame herself. If she had known definitively what was going on she could have acted sooner, but she didn't. As it is, she did everything she could as soon as she had information he might be in real trouble. The only person who can be blamed for his death is whomever killed him.


Image via KVUE

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