Clever Mom Tricks Kids Into Thinking Violent Home Invader Is a Just a Pal

A mother of two managed to outsmart a home invader without any weapons or violence -- or even her kids knowing they were being held hostage! The mom, who lives in Tomball, Texas, was sitting home watching a movie with her 4-year-old and 9-month-old when she heard a loud noise that at first she thought was her neighbor slamming a door. But then "light and wood flew in," and that's when she realized someone had kicked down her door.


The mom, who only wants to be identified as Renee, suddenly realized that a man covered in tattoos had burst into her home. Given the tats, she thought maybe he was in a gang and hiding from someone.

Little did she know the man had just robbed a store at gunpoint with three accomplices, but when police arrived, the men fled in a car and police gave chase. Eventually, the men jumped out of the car and began running. Cops shot one man, two others ran off in different directions, and the fourth was now standing in Renee's home.

Not having any idea what the man was after, Renee's first thought was for her children. She not only wanted to keep the man from harming them -- but to keep them calm. Renee told KHOU:

In those situations, the most thing you need to do is calm the perp down and get them to talk to you. I wanted him calm because I didn't know if he had a weapon.

Renee managed to keep so calm that when her 4-year-old asked who the man standing in their house was, she told him "Mr. Jay" came for a visit, and the little boy showed the strange man his toys.

The man was in the house for two hours, and amazingly, Renee managed to keep him calm the entire time -- the man was even apologizing to her and telling her he wouldn't want to put his own kids through this.

But little did he know the police had received a tip about his whereabouts and canine units were slowly tracking him to Renee's house. When they banged on the door and screamed "Police!" the man tried to push the door closed, and that's when Renee fled with her kids into a bedroom.

But then she heard the cops telling him to get on the ground and she knew she was safe. Renee started "hysterically crying." The man was apprehended and faces kidnapping charges among others.

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Simply incredible how this mom didn't lose her mind and start screaming or otherwise set off the intruder. She says her son still doesn't even know that at any time they were in danger. She told KHOU:

All he knows is a guy came to visit and was rude and wouldn't leave.

Amazing. Kudos to Renee for keeping her cool. I don't know that I could have done that! Sometimes keeping calm is the best thing you can do.

What would you have done?


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