Pregnant Woman Who Was Stabbed by Soldier Says She Forgives Him (VIDEO)

A soldier convicted of stabbing his pregnant friend has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Corey Moss, a soldier at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, snuck into former friend Rachel Poole's home and stabbed her repeatedly while her horrified husband, U.S. Army Spc. Justin Poole, who was deployed in Qatar at the time, watched over FaceTime.


Justin Poole had heard his wife, who was eight months pregnant, scream over the computer, before the line went dead.

The two were apparently at odds over $3,000 Rachel felt that Corey owed her for damaging her car. Corey claimed he wasn't trying to kill her but wanted to "buy more time" in which to pay her back. Which is some of the most convoluted thinking I've ever heard of.

Thankfully, Rachel survived the attack and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, though she is now blind in one eye. The Pooles named their daughter Isabel. Justin was able to come home from Qatar to help his wife recover and to be with their new baby.

Unfortunately, the couple can't even take solace in the fact that Corey was found guilty because they feel his 30-year sentence, in which he can be paroled after 15, is too light.

Rachel told KFOX-TV:

I am glad that it's over, but I wish I could say that I feel justice was served.

And Justin agreed, adding:

Thirty years was not enough with a chance to get out in 15 years. Knowing Corey Moss, bringing him into our family and for him to know that my wife was pregnant, I doubt anyone else would agree with the jury that 30 years is the right amount of time.

In fact, the sentence was so lenient that even Corey's defense attorney was happy with it.

While it may seem like not enough time, I've heard too many stories of people committing gruesome crimes that end up with barely any time in prison at all, so at least this is something substantial. But scarily, this is a man who will be released back into society while he's still fairly young, even after a psychologist testified that he's at high risk for committing another violent crime.

Still, despite all of that, during her victim impact statement, Rachel looked at Corey and told him she forgave him. Forgave, but would not forget.

Hopefully this poor couple take some comfort in the community that has rallied around them, their strong marriage, and their healthy little girl.

Do you think this was enough time?

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