Dad Fights Off Home Intruder in Front of Kids -- and Wins (VIDEO)

Tony Houck was minding his own business in his kitchen, making tacos, when the unfathomable happened. A crazed intruder burst into the kitchen and attacked him. Tony's wife had just left to make a grocery run, and their three children, ages 5, 7, and 9, and the children's friend there on a play date were in the other room. The intruder suddenly stood in Houck's kitchen staring at him. A second later, he lunged at the dad and hit him.


Houck suddenly found himself in a life-or-death struggle inside his Houston home. The dad told KHOU:

He almost got me in a chokehold. I thought, this is for real. All of a sudden, this guy was trying to kill me.

The two struggled mightily, and luckily, Houck is a strong man. The intruder jumped on his back, tried to gouge out his eyes, and even bit him. All the while, Houck was worried for the kids in the house, who all ran out of the playroom to see what was happening.

With the children screaming, Houck was astonished to see his 5-year-old take a couple of jabs at the lunatic. Said Houck:

My 5-year-old came up and punched him a couple of times. It makes me tear up that he tried to help me out.

Those poor kids! They must have been confused and terrified. Houck says he remembers thinking that if he just kept the man's hands down, he could protect his children.

During all of this, the nanny called 911, and soon the man lurched out of the house but collapsed on a neighbor's lawn. Noah Collier, 32, has been arrested and is in the hospital with wounds that thankfully Houck was able to inflict upon him. Houck has a few of his own.

His wife, Chastiti Horne, is thankful her husband is alive -- and also that it wasn't her home alone with the kids.

Gah, you gotta wonder what this creep was thinking. Cops say -- no big surprise -- he might have been high on drugs.

The important thing is that everyone is okay, but what a horror show. To think you could be in your kitchen making tacos one minute, fighting for your life the next.


Image via KHOU

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