Michael Brown Video Emerges That May Hurt Cop's Defense (WATCH)

The shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked protests that continue to tear the city apart. It's unclear exactly what happened that fateful day. Police say Brown resisted arrest and tried to take Darren Wilson's weapon -- witnesses say Brown was surrendering. Now video has emerged that may bolster the witnesses' version of events. Two construction workers who saw the scene unfold were being videotaped and their reaction has now been leaked to the press.


The two men, who were not from Ferguson and didn't know Brown, were about 50 feet from the shooting when it happened. It's unclear who is videotaping them, but in the video, one of the men says, "He had his f**king hands in the air!" while he raises his hands in imitation of Brown. "Man, he was going like this," the witness says, putting his hands up again.

Protesters have adopted "Hands up, don't shoot!" as their rallying cry.

The man in the pink shirt in the video told CNN they heard one gunshot and, about 30 seconds later, a second shot. The man says he saw Brown "staggering," and putting his hands up and saying, "Okay, okay, okay ..." The witness says Wilson just kept shooting and never said, "Get on the ground."

Another man (who doesn't appear in the video) can be heard yelling, "He was no threat at all!"

While this video will certainly help bolster the case that unnecessary force was used with Brown, it's still unclear what may have preceded Brown putting his hands up. Perhaps police will argue that aggression on Brown's part sparked the shooting, and by the time he put his hands up, it was too late. Though it might be difficult to put your hands up in surrender once you were shot.

The witnesses also say that Brown was running from the cop and the cop shot at him again while his back was turned. Which might indicate he was shot once before he put his hands up.

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Unfortunately, no video of the actual incident exists or a lot of questions would be answered.

Does this make you change your mind about what happened?


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