Man Charged With Battery for Kissing Girl's Hand

An 18-year-old Mundelein, Illinois, man has been charged with battery after grabbing a girl's hand and kissing it. The man reportedly asked the girl to give him a high-five, and when she did, he kissed her hand. Ugh, dontcha hate that old trick? It's unclear how old the girl was, but she is classified as a juvenile, which is under 17 in the state of Illinois. Was she 10? Or 16? It makes a difference.


An 18-year-old man grabbing and kissing the hand of a 10-year-old is clearly in the wrong. But an 18-year-old man kissing the hand of a 16-year-old is a bit more gray area. If you've got a teen kissing the hand of another age-appropriate teen, it's more understandable, though still annoying.

I think men grow up with this idea that kissing a lady's hand is gallant and princely. In reality, unless you are a princess and you are accustomed to having your hand kissed at formal events, it's creepy.

Especially a stranger "tricking" you into getting his maw on your paw because you thought you were about to give him a high-five.

As a young woman, I can remember all manner of older men doing whatever they could to sneakily cop some kind of feel. The guys who pretended they were going to kiss you on the cheek and then swerved into your lips. The guys who would helpfully put an arm around you, then slide their hand down to your ass. I remember strangers coming up to me on the street and placing their hands on my face, commanding me to "Smile!" (Never mind if I wasn't smiling because a loved one was dying -- which happened once.)

Thankfully, much of this unwanted touchiness dissipates when you hit middle-age, but for young women, it's pervasive and unwanted. If you like a girl, ask for her phone number if you must, but keep your mitts to yourself.

As for the guy, did he deserve a battery charge? Granted, that is a bit harsh. But maybe it will teach him to keep hands -- and lips -- off.

Do you think an unwanted kiss on the hand is worth a battery charge?


Image via © Jim Sugar/Corbis

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