Mom Charged With Killing Autistic Son Allegedly Balanced Checkbook While He Died

A mother on trial for killing her 8-year-old autistic child by force-feeding him prescription pills and alcohol is accused of balancing her checkbook while her son slowly died in front of her in a posh Manhattan hotel. Gigi Jordan is a wealthy socialite who admitted to killing her son, Jude Mirra, but claims it was a "mercy killing." The prosecution contends that while Jude lay dying of an overdose in front of her, she called her financial adviser and transferred $125,000 from his trust fund to her personal account.


Jordan reportedly admitted to the crime and has always contended it was a mercy killing -- that she didn't want him suffering anymore and that both his biological father and stepfather were sexually abusing him. There has been no evidence that those accusations are true, and both men vehemently deny the accusations.

The prosecution says she just wanted to live the life of a socialite and be free from the obligations of a boy who required too much care. While Jude was autistic and mute, it's unclear if he was actually suffering. The prosecutor is clearly not buying Jordan's contention that she was just trying to protect her son, saying:

Ms. Jordan is so distraught, so emotional, so emotionally disturbed that she balances her checkbook in that room on her bed with her dead child only a few feet away.

However, if Jordan just wanted to live a life free from the constraints of her son's care, it's unclear why she then tried to kill herself after he died, downing the same mixture of pills and booze. Police found her babbling and incoherent before her suicide attempt could be successful.

But if she didn't want to live a life without him, then why allegedly transfer money to her own account?

Jordan claims that she was fearful the boy's biological father would take him away from her, and he would be sexually abused. She told the New York Daily News in August 2012:

I was a mother trying to protect my young, my beautiful, my abused son from further sexual torture.

Saving someone from potential future abuse is not, however, a recognized defense for killing someone. Her current defense will argue she was under extreme emotional duress when she killed Jude; however, if so, how did she manage to allegedly balance her checkbook? Seems an odd thing for a mother to do who supposedly loved her son so much she had to kill him to "save" him.

Jordan also claims her son didn't have autism but was catatonic from years of abuse suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, who she says belonged to a satanic cult. No charges have ever been filed against him.

For years, Jordan traveled around the country trying to find a cure for Jude's apparent autism. When she didn't find that, she began accusing people of abusing the boy, even though she was with him at all times.

What is clear is that Jordan sounds like she has a lot of issues. Whether they played a part in the murder of her son or whether the murder was solely motivated by selfishness, the jury will have to decide.

As for the little boy, his mom was there to protect him. Whether she thought in her twisted mind she was doing the right thing or not, the fact is he did not deserve that kind of death.

Image via CBSNewYork/YouTube

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