Ex-Nurse Admits to Sexually Abusing Vulnerable ER Patients

And now in news to make you weep for humanity ... a former nurse and police officer in Oregon pleaded guilty to sexually abusing female patients and staff at a hospital.

Jeffrey McAllister, 39, accepted a plea deal by admitting that he'd assaulted nine patients and one employee at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where he worked as an emergency room technician and nurse.


McAllister's trial for charges of rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse was only days away when he accepted the deal. After an eight-year stint of abusing vulnerable women -- some had psychological issues, some were recovering from miscarriages, and one even had a broken back -- everything was brought into the open after an April 2013 complaint that he offered pain medication to a patient in exchange for oral sex.

Because that's how sick this situation is.

Attorney Mark McDougal, who represented the 10 victims, claims the hospital had known of his abuse since 2006 but "botched their investigations into the allegations."

He claimed that the victims' real problem was with Legacy, who "did not protect them when they knew or should have known that this predator was amidst." He continued, "McAllister was called out numerous times. There were red flags all over the place."

According to court papers, prosecutors were prepared to argue that McAllister "carefully chose his victims, preying on women he thought wouldn't file complaints or wouldn't be believed if they did."

As part of his deal, McAllister pleaded guilty to seven counts of felony sex abuse, one count of unlawful sexual penetration, one count of attempted sex abuse, and one count of patronizing a prostitute. The rape and sodomy charges were dismissed as part of the plea bargain, and this loathsome human being will be sentenced later this month.

Top charges are 15 years in prison and five years of supervision, which hardly seem fair after subjecting so many "helpless" women to sexual abuse. I guess they weren't so helpless after all -- even when he's out, this man's record will follow him forever.

Do you think justice was served in this case?


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