NBC News Producer Accused of Posting Secret Sex Tape of His Girlfriend

A 30-year-old man has been charged with unlawful surveillance and harassment after allegedly secretly filming his girlfriend as they had sex on February 14. As if that wasn't despicable enough, Carlo Dellaverson then posted the film to the pornographic site Xtube.com, where his girlfriend discovered the intimate clip and called the police.

As it turns out, Dellaversion is fairly experienced with producing video content for the web: he's a digital producer for NBC News. He's also, it seems, pretty much the worst boyfriend in the entire universe.


Apparently Dellaverson secretly set up a camera in the couple's shared apartment in Greenwich village, Manhattan, in order to film the two of them getting it on. On Valentine's Day. He did this on Valentine's Day. He later decided it would be a good idea to upload the video to XTube, a Netherlands-based porn site, which, according to the Google description (no I did NOT click through), offers "The best Straight Sex Movies and Gay XXX Hardcore Porno with Anal, BIG Cock, Big Tits, Hot Teens, and Sex Clips." One of its top categories is "Amateur," which is where I assume his surreptitious video ended up, although I suppose it may have had other defining characteristics as well.

Nearly seven months later on September 4, the woman made the highly unpleasant discovery that she was an unwilling porn star and filed a police report after -- awesomely -- getting him to admit his dirty deed via email. Dellaverson was arrested on Tuesday and released without bail.

Dellaverson's lawyer says his client is innocent and will contest the charges, and NBC has stated,

We are taking the matter very seriously, and will determine the appropriate course of action once we have learned the facts.

The legal system will have to determine if this guy is actually guilty or not, but if you'd like to go ahead and determine his douchebag status ahead of time, there's this item from 2012 when Dellaverson was featured in a New York Times house-hunting profile piece and shared that he'd chosen to move back in with his parents:

My parents are amazing. They didn’t charge me rent and my mom would do the laundry and cook me dinner. All of the things that made living in New York City so annoying, I didn’t have to deal with.

I hope they're not having to pay his legal bills and drive him to court appointments. Say, guess what else is probably going to be annoying? Ever finding a date again after this is all settled.

Image via jaymis/Flickr

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