South Carolina Dad Charged With Killing His 5 Young Children

A South Carolina man has reportedly confessed to police that he murdered his five children -- three boys and two girls ages 1 to 8 -- after they were reported missing from their home one week ago.

Timothy Ray Jones, 32, had primary custody of the young children. When their poor mother repeatedly tried to contact him and was unsuccessful, she turned to the police. It wasn't until cops stopped Jones in Mississippi because they suspected he was driving under the influence that they discovered he may have been responsible for committing what one officer called an "unconscionable" violent crime -- the details of which will leave you baffled and horrified.


After his SUV was towed, the authorities reportedly found items in it that made them very suspicious: in addition to meth and synthetic marijuana, they say he had bleach, muriatic acid, blood, and what may have been bodily fluids.

The father then allegedly confessed to killing his babies and agreed to lead law enforcement to their remains -- which weren't located in Mississippi or South Carolina. Police uncovered their bodies off a dirt road in Alabama and each had been placed in an individual garbage bag, according to their report.

There are still SO MANY unanswered questions here. We don't have a motive and we aren't sure exactly how Jones reportedly killed his children. I don't know how you feel, but at this point I'm not sure I actually need to know all of the gruesome details. Jones' neighbors told cops the man had announced plans to move with his children to another state, but since he had custody of them, why would anyone think twice about this?

It was later discovered that Jones was already wanted by police in South Carolina for an undisclosed crime. He is being held in Mississippi on child endangerment charges, and authorities are planning to extradite him to South Carolina, where he is expected to be formally charged.

What do you think was the man's motive for allegedly killing his own young children?


Image via Smith County Sheriff's Office

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