Pregnant Mom Fights Armed Woman Who Planned to 'Extract' Her Baby

A pregnant mom from South Carolina bravely saved her life -- and the life of her unborn baby -- after an alleged armed female stalker reportedly attacked her while she was unloading groceries at her home. The 44-year-old suspect had an absolutely horrific plan in mind, according to police: she had every intention of murdering the mom and extracting her baby in order "to present the child as her own."

The victim's neighbors say they had previously spotted Julie Gordon Gookins wearing a black wig and peering into the patios of homes. They also say she had been driving her car around the town, but who on Earth could predict what would happen next?

Gookins allegedly approached her victim in the garage of her home and warned her not to scream or she would shoot her and her kids, who were inside the house eating at the time. Gookins then reportedly pointed her gun at the woman's stomach and forced her from the garage into her backyard.


Although this sounds like the beginning of the worst news story you've ever heard, here's the beautiful part: the suspect became distracted and looked away at one point, and this amazing mom took that opportunity to grab the gun from Gookins and throw it into a nearby pond. She was also apparently able to knock the gun magazine from it -- smart cookie.

Thankfully, a neighbor noticed what was happening, called police, and then stepped in to help. He reportedly forced Gookins to the ground and held her there until cops arrived. And now the truly amazing news: though she's probably traumatized by this horrific event, this mom is physically fine and didn't even require medical attention.

That, of course, doesn't mean she isn't going through hell on the inside or isn't scared out of her mind -- how could she not be? When detectives searched Gookins' vehicle, they reportedly found items they say would have helped her kidnap the victim -- which just sends a chill up your spine.

Gookins has been charged with kidnapping, burglary, possession of a weapon, and attempted murder. She was denied bond and will undergo a mental evaluation. Her alleged victim asked the judge to keep her behind bars because she feels if the woman is released, she will come back to attack her.

What consequence do you feel this woman should face if she is convicted of these crimes? 


Image via Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

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